Unique research about Childhood Cancer Survivors and the Labour World!

research reportAfter having completed the first stage of the Create Your Future Project, we are happy to announce the results of our research about challenges and needs (educational, emotional and social) that childhood survivors in Europe have to face. During the first year of the Project a scientific research involving 381 survivors from four different countries (Spain, Austria, Greece, and Bulgaria) was conducted,  whose contributions were collected through a questionnaire and a semistructured interview.

Such contributions form the foundation on which to build an effective and customized to the needs of the target group career counselling guide, that will be released in September 2016 during our “Create Your Future Action Week” in Vienna.

We firmly believe that the results of this study highlight a reality that has been understudied, showing highly meaningful data for administrations, training institutions and cancer survivors associations.

We invite you to download and take a look at the study. To do so, you just have to fill in the following download form. The study is available in three different formats to facilitate the reading from mobiles, e-books or computers.

For a short and easy-to-read extract of the Research Report, download our Executive summary from our Resources section on the website!