The Create Your Future Conference


The Create Your Future Conference took place on 7th of September and brought together HR Managers, Employers and Suvivors in order to make a step further to a better understanding of late effects of childhood cancer and how they might or might not interfere with their performance at the workplace. Why GPS Vehicle Tracking is crucial for your … Continued

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The Create Your Future Workshop for Survivors


On the 7th of September, Survivors from Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Austria gathered in Vienna for the Create your Future Conference. They had a separate workshop where they discussed in the beginning their main challenges that they might encounter at their workplace, their actual needs and a message they would like to address to the … Continued

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Career Counselling done right


Adolescence is a challenging period of everybody’s lives because many of the choices we make during this period influences our future greatly. Fortunately, nowadays, there are specially trained people that can help the youngsters to figure out their future plans. Childhood cancer Survivors, however, require a different approach due to the late effects of the … Continued

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Unique research about Childhood Cancer Survivors and the Labour World!


After having completed the first stage of the Create Your Future Project, we are happy to announce the results of our research about challenges and needs (educational, emotional and social) that childhood survivors in Europe have to face. During the first year of the Project a scientific research involving 381 survivors from four different countries … Continued

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