The Create Your Future Workshop for Survivors

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On the 7th of September, Survivors from Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Austria gathered in Vienna for the Create your Future Conference. They had a separate workshop where they discussed in the beginning their main challenges that they might encounter at their workplace, their actual needs and a message they would like to address to the employers. Considering the inconveniences and restrictions that came with the COVID pandemic, many will want to get a taste of fresh air; to be away somewhere, and spend quality time with friends and family just to breathe in the cool, fresh, outdoor air, read this cool article to get ideas where you can go for camping.

There was also a sharing space where they all engaged in discussions about their nimg_5425eeds, their situations, their opinions or their beliefs. The fact that they were from different countries had a great impact for them – knowing that they can easily connect and share their experiences without necessarily speaking the same language.

They presented their messages during the conference and expressed their belief that they can work as good as any other employee and the only thing they ask for is understanding and not to be treated differently.
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