Career Counselling done right

Adolescence is a challenging period of everybody’s lives because many of the choices we make during this period influences our future greatly.

Fortunately, nowadays, there are specially trained people that can help the youngsters to figure out their future plans.

Childhood cancer Survivors, however, require a different approach due to the late effects of the illness. The trainers need to learn about these late effects because like career counselling, they are a very individual matter. The trainers need to know the context to get a better vision of which direction to guide them to.


Create Your Future Career Counselling is a five day course that gathers trainers from Austria, Bulgaria, Spain, Greece and Germany. During these days they will be prepared for Career Counselling with Childhood Cancer Survivors. The sessions will be delivered by psychologists and professional trainers specialized in the field. They will gain knowledge in childhood cancer matters, psychological , organisational, counselling and guidance aspects, in order to understand better the context and the approach; knowledge that they will later on use it to guide the young Survivors on their future plans regarding career or education.