Video messages to all survivors and employers

In the European project “Create Your Future” we do not only aim to develop a career counselling program for childhood cancer survivors, taking into account their specific needs, stressors and challenges. We also aim to give A VOICE to all childhood cancer survivors!

In colaboration with survivors as well as associations from Austria, Bulgaria and Spain, we have developed these videos where younger European survivors send a message.

A message to all the survivors in the world:

And also a message from the survivors to their future employers:

We would like to acknowledge the collaboration of everyone who participated in the creation of these videos: Florian, Simona, Ana, Patricia, Laura, Nikolina, Martina, Lorena, Esther, Sara, Gabi, Alberto, Vanessa.  Your words can make a difference, thank you!

And also we give thanks to the following associations:
Austria: Austrian Childhood Cancer Organisation
Bulgaria: Сдружение “Деца с онкохематологични заболявания”
Spain: “Caminantes” – Aspanion (Comunidad Valenciana)

Do you also want your voice to be heard?

Share your statement on Childhood Cancer and Work here: