If you could say ONE thing to all the survivors out there, what would it be?

And what would you say to all the employers?image-0001 (2)

Send us a video with your answer to these questions and you can win a trip to Vienna with an international group of survivors next spring!

Just do a recording of you, sharing your answers to the above questions. It could be really short. What matters for us is to hear your opinion!

We’ll merge all videos together and create an inspiring movie, that will be shared with survivors all over Europe at a big international event in Vienna, Austria, in spring 2016.


Because your words matter. Because sharing them personally is much more powerful than just dropping a black line on a white sheet of paper. Because someone may need exactly your dose of inspiration. And because leaving your comfort zone and standing in front of the camera is a healthy way to improve your own confidence:)

How to apply:

Simply upload your video HERE ( by 31. August. 2015 or send it directly to

We’re looking forward to hear your voice! And to welcome you on our Vienna trip 2016!

*By joining this competition, you grant permission to the partner organizations in the project Create Your Future to use the video in any social media network, audio visual platform and other dissemination channel, in order to reach as many people as possible and let them get inspired from your words.
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