We are not just about nice words, our team has prepared a bunch of great offers, specially for you, which are going to be introduced in the next months. Stay tuned! Here is what comes:

A cosy, friendly and useful Online Community

Your devoted space in the big wide web, where you can exchange your experiences, advices and success stories in job seeking and job orientation. Stay connected, or as the three musketeers say: “All for one and one for all!”

An interesting read

We are preparing an overarching research study among many European countries, to analyse what is currently offered for the Childhood Cancer Survivors and especially, if any particular offers exist regarding Career Counselling. Additionally, we’ll discover the offers from the eyes of the survivors, by conducting several in-depth interviews in different countries. Wonder what is offered in your country? The research report will soon be available in the Resources section – check HERE for regular updates!

A Voice for Childhood Cancer Survivors

Become part of our great awareness raising campaigns! Just drop us a line at some of the contacts mentioned HERE. And do not forget to check for our latest e-zines HERE. We’ll also make sure that employers in various industries become aware and start engage in the topic.

A well prepared team

We’re developing a special train-the-trainer programme, which will prepare career counsellors, trainers and adult educators in Europe to offer the best and most effective career support to survivors. The training will include Online-Tool, pilot course with an international group and will be combined with our special Career Counselling Manual for Adult Educators – all available in 2016!

A bigger picture

Our overarching goal is in the next three years to try to change the mind-set of a broader audience, to make people in Europe aware of the best way a survivor can be supported, in order to achieve great career results. In other words, we aim to develop Standards and Quality System for Career Counselling for CCS and to issue ‘Create Your Future Policy Recommendations’ for stakeholders – ministries, national and European agencies etc.